Copenhagen on foot - Introduction

Map for the Copenhagen cycle tours

Copenhagen is a compact city, and on foot is a leisurely way to explore it. This means that a few walking tours will encompass most of the significant inner city sites.

Four walking tours are described which take in Copenhagen and its surroundings. These tours are designed with visitors to Copenhagen in mind, to show off the best sights and the variety of the City, however they will also appeal to locals as they are enjoyable in themselves. They all begin and end at Metro stations. The ticketing options can be found on the Metro website

Each chapter contains a map showing the route, plus the text contains GPS coordinates for significant points on the journey, such as major junctions. If you are lost you can put these GPS coordinates into an online map to show where you should be.

The following table lists these four tours, with a link to each one. The map above shows an overview of the four tours - it can be expanded into a new frame by clicking on it.

Chapter Name Link
# 1 The Inner City
# 2 The East End
# 3 Christianshavn
# 4 The West End
# 5 Vesterbro and Frederiksberg