Enough of Hygge - Introduction

Map for the Copenhagen cycle tours

The Danish word hygge refers to cozy and comfortable surroundings that invoke an inner sense of contentment or well-being. Scenes in which hygge is evident include two people warmly snuggling by a roaring fire on a cold winter's night while sipping glogg or hot cocoa.

Enough of hygge means it is time to extinguish the fire and get out into the big wide world to experience the joys of movement and discovery.

Ten cycle tours are described which take in Copenhagen and its surroundings. These tours are designed with visitors to Copenhagen in mind, to show off the best sights and the variety of the City, however they will also appeal to locals as they are enjoyable in themselves. They all begin and end at S-tog railway stations as you can take bicycles onto S-tog trains without a reservation, and there are special bicycle carriages on all the trains. The travel planning website: www.rejseplanen.dk is a handy resource for travelling to and from the cycle tours. The website for the Danish railway DSB www.dsb.dk explains the different ticket types available, from tourist passes to travel cards.

There are plenty of places to hire bicycles in Copenhagen. The opportunities change too frequently to keep up-to-date, but an internet search will reveal all.

Each chapter contains a map showing the route, plus the text contains GPS coordinates for significant points on the journey, such as major junctions. If you are lost you can put these GPS coordinates into an online map to show where you should be.

The following table lists these ten tours, with a link to each one, plus a link to a page with some additional tours of interest. The map above shows an overview of the ten tours - it can be expanded into a new frame by clicking on it.

Chapter Name Link
# 1 The City
# 2 Christianshavn and Refshaleøen
# 3 The Harbour Ring (Havneringen)
# 4 Vesterbro and Frederiksberg
# 5 Nørrebro and Østerbro
# 6 The Green Way (Den Grønne Sti)
# 7 Gentofte and Dyrehaven
# 8 Amager
# 9 Valby to Pluto
# 10 The Outer Defences (Vestvolden)
# 11 - 13 Additional Tours